S-PYanage (espionage) and Yohnnie hail from New Orleans, La. Both born in the early 1980’s, both have matured as artist over the years. These step-brothers basically got their start during the early 2000’s as the youngest members of their respective crews at the time “Madd Loot records” (Yohnnie) and “Rexless Records” (S-PYanage). Both artist have had moderate individual success over the years through a varierty of mixtapes,albums, and videos to their credit.However, their latest venture #JFTFOI (Just For The Fuck Of It) is poised to bring them their break through into the music industry. Released earlier this year it has already received rave reviews, including a great review in OffBeat Magazine’s (a national magazine based in New Orleans) Feb. 14 edition. These guys are ready to take the industry by force or atleast make a great impression on it.